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As a legally qualified professional you may be thinking about a role in the judiciary and want to start planning for your future application. You may be preparing to apply for an upcoming role. Or you may have applied in the past and could use some tips before you reapply. Whatever stage you’re at, it’s always helpful to think about whether you are ready. you could be ready sooner than you think!

We have lots of self-help tools and guidance to start you on your journey.

The free tools on this page are available to help you assess and understand your own readiness to apply. Our tools can help you identify not only if you meet the statutory eligibility, but also if you have the skills and experience required.

There’s more to being ready than the minimum eligibility requirements. Some examples of the skills and experience required in the judiciary are:

  • managing your time and workload
  • the ability to process large amounts of complex information
  • communicating clearly in a way that others can understand
  • ensuring fairness and demonstrating integrity.
  • a detailed knowledge of law and procedure

If you have proven experience of these skills, then it may be time for you to consider a role in the courts or tribunals.

I’m not sure if I am eligible to apply, what tools are available to help me understand if I may be ready?


Find a role you are interested in

Test your eligibility and suitability for judicial roles

Hear advice from successful candidates

Gain a better understanding of what the role and process involves through our partner initiatives


I think I am eligible to apply, what tools are available to help me understand if I have the right skills and experience?


Am I ready? Test your eligibility, character and suitability

Familiarise yourself with our guidance on the application process

 Read our guidance on preparing for judicial selection exercises



I think I am ready to apply, what tools are available to help me get ready for the application and selection process?


Understand the selection process

Volunteer as a mock candidate




I applied but wasn’t successful, what tools are available to help me prepare for a future application?


Targeted outreach programme

Read feedback and evaluation reports

Pre-Application Judicial Education Programme

Judicial Work Shadowing Scheme

Advice from successful candidates


Good luck!





The information on this page are guides intended to help you think about what you need to prepare for your application and should not be considered as steps to guarantee a successful application.