Am I ready to apply?

Before applying for a role, you should think carefully about whether you are ready. The below tools allow you to self-assess your eligibility and suitability. The results will give you a broad indication of your readiness to apply for entry-level fee-paid judicial roles that require legal qualifications.

Test yourself on:

  • eligibility: do you meet the statutory eligibility requirements for fee-paid judicial roles? You should also consider the eligibility requirements for this specific post
  • good character: do you satisfy the JAC’s guidance on good character?
  • suitability: do you understand what sort of decisions you would need to make in situations you may face as a judge? (these questions are similar to those used in some qualifying tests so can provide useful preparation for tests)
  • Selection Day: do you understand what you will need to be successful during a selection day

For those applying for senior judicial roles, you should seek feedback from a senior judge and any mentors about your readiness to apply.

Image credit: Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay