Am I ready to apply?

Assess your eligibility and suitability to begin a career in the judiciary with the these tests. The results will give you a broad indication of your readiness to apply for entry-level fee-paid judicial roles that require legal qualifications.

Test yourself on:

  • eligibility: do you meet the statutory eligibility requirements for fee-paid judicial roles?
  • good character: do you satisfy the JAC’s guidance on good character?
  • suitability: what decisions would you make in situations you may face as a judge? (these questions are similar to those used in some qualifying tests so can provide useful preparation for tests)

Further information

The tests are taken anonymously and scores are not generated or recorded.

At the end of each test you will see a summary of whether you are suitable or eligible and suggestions on actions you can take.

The tests will not indicate whether you will be successful in being selected for appointment.

You can still apply for roles regardless of the result and without having to complete the tests.

You can take the tests as many times as you want to and the questions may change from time to time.

Am I ready tests are not suitable for those applying for salaried judicial roles, who are likely to already have a fee-paid judicial appointment. For these roles, you should seek feedback from a senior judge and any mentors about your readiness to apply.

Image credit: Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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