Competency frameworks

Competency frameworks are used throughout the selection process to assess your ability to effectively carry out the roles.

You are expected to demonstrate either that you possess the required competencies or that you have the ability to acquire them quickly.

Benefits for candidates

Competencies are specifically tailored to each role through job analysis, including interviews with those already in post. This allows candidates to better understand the competencies required for each role before applying and during the selection process.

The competencies also continue to ensure fair and accurate selection by panels against clear criteria.

The frameworks incorporate the Judicial Skills and Abilities used by Courts and Tribunals Judiciary and the Judicial College. This means that role holders are assessed by the same measures at every stage of their career.

When they are published

Each competency framework will be published on the page for the specific selection exercise. It is usually published when the exercise opens for applications.

If it is published in advance and you have signed up to receive email alerts for an exercise, you will usually be notified when the competency framework is available.

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