Dr Gowda, Medical Member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal

Reading about candidates in the role is a useful way of finding out more about the skills needed. Dr Rajesh Gowda has shared his experience of working on the Tribunal below.

“I applied to be a Medical member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal not really knowing how I would ‘fit it all in’ nor what sitting on the tribunal would be really like.  It has, however, been one of the best decisions of my professional life.  It started with superb training which started the process of learning how to be objective with the evidence and reducing bias. 

I live in England, albeit just over the border. It has been possible to quickly develop good working relationships in the Welsh Office and Tribunal colleagues as one works with a relatively smaller group of people.

I work full time in the NHS.  It is surprising that being able to spend some time out of ‘my day job’ has allowed me to be able to be more motivated and satisfied in my professional working life.  From the tribunal itself, I have had the honour and privilege of working with some very thoughtful colleagues. The Tribunal offers regular opportunities to think differently from everyday clinical work. I really value the cognitive flexibility I have developed in time which has helped within the Tribunal and other aspects of my professional work. 

It has been the best decision of my professional life.”