Immediate and future appointments

Immediate appointment

We make recommendations for immediate appointment under section 87 of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 (CRA).

Future appointment (Section 94)

In some cases, candidates are selected for possible future vacancies, rather than a current vacancy. Candidates selected in this way – under Section 94 – are placed on a Section 94 list.

Being on this list does not guarantee you a post in the future, as appointments are based business needs, which can change. We therefore advise candidates not to make plans to take up an appointment, until they are offered one. You can still apply for another exercise while you are on a Section 94 list.

If you are going to be offered an appointment we will write to let you know.

Section 94 lists may be reviewed and closed at any time depending on business needs and forthcoming exercises. No list will remain open for more than two years.

Apply for a current vacancy

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