Latest statistics report gives further insight into diversity in the judiciary

14 July 2022

Today, the Judicial Diversity Forum (JDF), which is chaired by the JAC, has published the annual Combined Diversity Statistics Report.

The combined statistical report, started in 2020, brings together in-depth data from the legal professions, judicial appointments and the current judiciary.

Bringing together this in-depth data in one place enables the JDF to take a collective approach to tackle the challenges of increasing diversity at all levels.

The report includes a detailed analysis of ethnicity and the intersection of diversity characteristics, covering the legal professions, judicial appointments and the current judiciary. Towards the end of 2022, the JDF will publish an updated action plan designed to speed up the pace of change. The 2021-22 action plan is available here.

The JDF also released an accompanying statement – you can read it here.

JAC’s ongoing work to help improve judicial diversity

You can find out more about our work to attract and better prepare potential candidates from under-represented groups for judicial appointments and ensure selection processes are fair and non-discriminatory in our most recent diversity update.

Since the publication of the first combined Diversity Statistical Report in 2020, the JAC has set up a number of initiatives designed to help speed up the pace of change. This includes the launch of a Targeted Outreach programme set up to identify and work with eligible potential candidates from under-represented groups. In November 2021 we launched a candidate guidance pack on our website, which contains in-depth advice on the selection process and tips on how to prepare, forming part of a suite of resources for all candidates.

Last year, we commissioned an independent review of the approach to statutory consultation, which found that evidence-based statutory consultation can support the selection panel in assessing candidates and that there is no direct evidence that the process impacts disproportionately on recommendations for appointment for any group. The review also made a number of recommendations that we will be taking forward from September 2022 as part of a revised approach. More detail on those changes can be found here.


The JDF brings together organisations from across the legal sector, working in partnership to be both thought and action leaders in the area of judicial diversity. The JDF is made up of the leaders of the JAC, the Ministry of Justice, the Judiciary, The Bar Council, The Law Society, Chartered Institute of Legal Executives and the Legal Services Board. You can find out more about the JDF here.

If you are thinking about applying for a role in the judiciary, but you are unsure if you are ready, we recommend that you use our self-assessment tools:

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