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  Practice Qualifying Test


Qualifying tests are used in some exercises to test candidates’ ability to analyse information, identify issues, understand the law appropriately, apply sound judgement, and succinctly and clearly explain how decisions are reached.

This practice qualifying test has been designed as a practice tool to help you get familiar with the format, software and question style used in qualifying tests. The questions used here are examples, and are not representative of any particular qualifying test. This practice test is also shorter than normal qualifying tests.

A qualifying test normally has 20 situational judgement and 20 critical analysis questions, and has a time limit of 40 minutes for each section.

This practice test has 5 situational judgement and 5 critical analysis questions, and you will have 10 minutes for each section. There will be a timer indicating how much time you have left. You can choose which part of the test to sit first and you can take a break in between.

In a qualifying test, candidates can request or discuss reasonable adjustments. This practise qualifying test is set up in a standard format, without any adjustments.

We recommend using Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari browsers. You should not use Internet Explorer as this does not support the test.

Taking the test

As soon as you press ‘start now’, the timer will go green and begin counting down. The timer will turn red when you enter the last 1 minute.

The questions appear one at a time. You can choose to skip questions and you will have an opportunity to return to these at the end, provided you have time remaining.

Read the instructions for each question carefully. When you have given your answer, press the purple ‘Save and continue’ button.

At the end of the section, you can review your answers before pressing ‘Submit answers’.

To complete the next section of the test, you can use the link under ‘Next steps’.

Situational judgement

Each question will present a different situation that could occur in the role of a judge. You will be assessed on your ability to identify how appropriate the possible actions are, not on your knowledge of rules or procedure.

There are 5 answer options for each question. In each case, you need to select:
• The action you consider the most appropriate; and
• The action you consider the least appropriate.

You will receive 1 mark for each correct answer. There are therefore 2 marks available per question. There are no marks for the next best or next worst answer.

Critical analysis

In a real qualifying test, you would be sent a written text to read in advance of the test day as preparation. In this practice version, the text will be given to you before you start the critical analysis test. You can spend as long as you need reading the text and can keep a copy to hand during the test if you wish to. The timer will only start when you navigate to the questions.

All the information you need to answer the questions is in the text provided. Each question has 4 options and 1 correct answer. There is, therefore, 1 mark available per question.

After the test

At the end of the test, you will be given your score. If you would like to take the test again, you can do so as many times as you like. The scores are not recorded and there is no way for anyone at the JAC to identify who has taken the practice test.