External review: fair and merit-based selection

25 April 2019

The JAC has today published the results of an external, independent review of the JAC’s shortlisting tools by the Work Psychology Group.

The review, completed in July 2018, follows previous external independent reviews testing the fairness, validity and effectiveness of JAC selection processes and forms part of a programme of work by the JAC to continuously ensure that its selection tools and process are fair, effective and valid.

The review concludes that: “the JAC are following a best practice approach in the development of shortlisting materials” and that “the evidence generated through this review demonstrates a professional and concerted effort to develop shortlisting tools that are fair and valid”.

The review makes some recommendations for further improvement which are being implemented in full by the JAC.

The results are being published following scrutiny by the Judicial Diversity Forum. The forum has also been scrutinising the deep dive statistical analysis by government statisticians, commissioned by the JAC to analyse the impact of factors such as gender, experience, educational and professional background and social mobility on the observed fall-off of BAME and solicitor applicants through the selection process.

The JAC has also published a diversity update, that details ongoing work to attract and better prepare potential candidates from under-represented groups for judicial appointments and ensure selection processes are fair and non-discriminatory.

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