JAC Commissioner Recruitment

3 April 2023

The Ministry of Justice is advertising on behalf of The Judicial Appointments Commission for the recruitment of five Commissioners

The Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) is currently seeking five Commissioners for the following roles: Lay Commissioner x3; Judicial (Tribunal Judge) Commissioner x1; and Non-Legally Qualified Judicial Commissioner x1. These roles provide the opportunity to contribute to the delivery of judicial appointments of the highest calibre and to ensure standards are maintained at a time of unprecedented demand for new judicial appointments.

If you believe you have the experience and qualities the JAC are seeking you can apply for the role via this link here. Applicants are welcome from the widest possible field.

Information about the work of the Commission can be found on the JAC website.

If you have questions about the appointment process, you can contact the MoJ Public Appointments Team via this page here.

The deadline for applications is 11am on Tuesday 11 April 2023.