JAC launches new Practice Qualifying Test

person using MacBook pro

6 September 2022

The JAC has launched a Practice Qualifying Test (PQT) to enable those applying for judicial roles to better prepare themselves for the appointment process. The PQT mirrors the format of the online qualifying tests which are used as a shortlisting tool in some JAC exercises.

We want to encourage applications from the widest range of high calibre candidates, to support greater judicial diversity, and this practice tool is designed to assist anyone thinking of applying for a judicial role.

The introduction of the PQT has been in response to candidate feedback and requests for more resources to assess their readiness to apply and help to prepare for judicial application. It has been designed to help candidates familiarise themselves with the format, software and question style used in qualifying tests.

Chief Executive of the JAC, Richard Jarvis, said: “We are constantly looking at how we can improve our support materials for applicants and make judicial appointment accessible to all candidates of high calibre and good character.

“The PQT is an additional, important resource in our toolkit of support to candidates and we look forward to hearing feedback from applicants  in the coming weeks.”

Further information about The Practice Qualifying Test is available here. The test has free, unlimited access and you do not need a JAC account to use it.