Judicial Pensions Scheme 2022 launched

1 April 2022

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has recently reformed judicial pensions to introduce the Judicial Pension Scheme 2022 (JPS 2022). As of today, all eligible fee-paid and salaried judicial office holders (except where terms and conditions are specifically non-pensionable) are eligible to join JPS 2022.

JPS 2022 returns judges to a tax-unregistered pension scheme and has been designed to ensure that judges in all pay groups will benefit from the scheme. In addition, the main features of JPS 2022 are a pension scheme design based on career average earnings with unreduced benefits payable from your State Pension Age, a uniform contribution rate and no service cap.

Eligible members of the judiciary can find out more about the scheme and an overview of the benefits here.

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