Refreshed Strategy 2020-23 and 2022-23 Business Plan published

20 May 2022

Our 2020-23 Strategy

The JAC 3-year strategy was initially developed through Board strategy discussions in late 2019 and eventually amended to reflect the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic into 2020.

In the current context, the Board has reviewed the 2020-23 Strategy for the final year of our 3-year strategy and agrees its overall aims remain valid and relevant.

The Business Plan for 2022-23 outlines the key priorities for the final year of the 3-year strategy based on the factors that are likely to affect the JAC over the next year. You can see the final strategy here.

Our vision is to attract and support the widest range of high calibre candidates for judicial office, and to make independent selections on merit through fair and open competition.

In support of this we have set out four strategic aims at the core of our strategy:

  1. Ensure we are a centre of excellence in selection, applying best practice to identify talented candidates with skills and abilities across the entirety of judicial roles
  2. Attract well-evidenced applications from the widest range of high calibre candidates, supporting greater judicial diversity
  3. Ensure the JAC is widely recognised as the trusted expert body on independent, merit-based appointment to the judiciary
  4. Support delivery of Commission aims in line with our values, including by way of a new digital application system and tools.
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