Update on judicial diversity priorities and actions

person holding pencil near laptop computerMonday 20 December 2021 

The Judicial Diversity Forum (JDF) has today published an update on the wide range of actions that its members are undertaking, either collectively or individually to help increase judicial diversity.

Through the collective efforts, insights and expertise of JDF members, a wide programme of work aimed at supporting greater judicial diversity is being delivered. Today the JDF has published:

The JDF recognises that there is more to do to improve the rate of progress of under-represented groups, specifically women; individuals from minority ethnic groups; those with disabilities and those from non-traditional professional backgrounds, and this action plan outlines some of the steps being taken to tackle this.

The JDF will report annually on the delivery of initiatives outlined in the action plan and will continue to publish combined statistics, bringing together in-depth annual data from the legal professions and the judiciary, allowing better analysis and insight into how to improve diversity.

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