What current Tribunal Members say about the role

Reading about candidates previously selected for this role is a useful way of finding out more about the skills needed. Two of the Tribunal’s current members are Sarah Hopkin and Ian Holdsworth. They have shared their experience working on the Tribunal below. 

Sarah Hopkins is a Valuer Member in the Residential Property Tribunal in the Midlands and Northern region and a Chartered Surveyor with over 30 years’ experience: 

“The Property Chamber offers a wide range of cases in the residential property specialism, many of which you do not experience in the day-to-day working of a property professional.”

“The Valuer Member role is very fulfilling. I enjoy using my knowledge and experience to determine the outcome of a dispute. Working with the public has made me more empathetic and improved my listening skills.”

Ian Holdsworth is a Valuer Chairman in the Residential Property Tribunal and a Chartered Surveyor in the East Midlands. Ian is a Registered RICS Valuer, Expert Witness and a RICS approved mediator:

“As the Chairman you bring together the professional skills and knowledge of the tribunal.  You have a professional input and equally important is your role in the coordination and weighing of other opinions and ideas. 

“The role has assisted my understanding of the court and tribunal process which has been particularly useful in my Expert Witness role.”

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