Dr Vanessa Rogers, Regional Medical Member of the First-tier Tribunal, Social Entitlement Chamber

“My background is a portfolio career as GP partner and clinical assistant in Dermatology. I was appointed as a fee-paid medical member in 1996. I enjoyed tribunal work and was looking for a fresh challenge so applied for and was appointed as Regional Medical Member (RMM) in 2011. The application process involved providing examples to demonstrate the required competencies, then at interview responding to tribunal scenarios.

I sit 70% of the time and assist the Chief Medical Member to create and deliver training to fee-paid medical members and salaried Judiciary. I line manage 92 doctors dealing with queries and providing support and oversee the appraisal process with the help of six Regional Medical Appraisers. I also provide an opinion on medical matters from the 22 District Tribunal Judges in the region, attend Regional Judicial Board meetings and liaise with my Regional Tribunal Judge. I travel all over the north east. The role of the RMM has evolved over the past 10 years with some of the Regional Medical Members working part time and combining the job with other roles.

I have had the opportunity to sit on three JAC selection exercises for the appointment of fee-paid medical members. Doctors sometimes struggled with the process due to a lack of preparation. My top tip for those attending interview is to provide detailed examples to demonstrate the competencies of the JAC framework.

I joined the tribunal service in 1996 and since then the profile of medical members has changed hugely over the 26 years with medical members now reflecting the diverse society in which we live. I am proud to have played a part in this change.

I find my role extremely enjoyable and fulfilling especially working with my tribunal colleagues to provide justice for appellants. Our decisions can have a huge positive impact on often very troubled lives.”