Independent assessments

We use independent assessments to help us decide whether a candidate has the right skills, experience and behaviours for the role. Although there are similarities between independent assessments and references, these assessments are used as an important piece of evidence in our selection processes rather than as a final check. Therefore it is important that the independent assessor knows the candidate/their work well. 

They might be required either before a paper sift, or after a qualifying test, depending on the shortlisting process being followed. It will be made clear in the selection exercise information when independent assessments will be requested.


We treat independent assessments as confidential and in communications with candidates, the information provided by an assessor will not be attributed to that assessor.

If an assessor raises a serious allegation that we believe should be investigated, they will not be identified as the source without their consent.

Unsuccessful candidates can request written feedback on their application but nothing will be attributed to the independent assessor.

Independent assessment guidance for candidates

Independent assessment guidance for assessors