Regular recruitment exercises

We are responsible for selecting candidates for appointment to the courts and tribunals in England and Wales, and some tribunals that have a UK wide jurisdiction. The judicial appointments for which the JAC makes selections are set out in schedule 14 of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 and includes offices up to and including High Court judges.

The JAC, Ministry of Justice, Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) and Judicial Office work together to agree the framework of selection exercises to be run each year that meet the needs of the judiciary and HMCTS. Some selection exercises are particularly small and niche, and may require knowledge and experience in a relevant field. Some exercises are large and open to anyone with a relevant legal qualification and subsequent legal experience. Others are non-legal, open to people with specialist qualifications and/or experience that is essential to enabling tribunal panels to reach an informed decision.

From April 2022 onwards, it is anticipated that some selection exercises will run routinely every year, every 18 months or every two years as follows:


Courts: High Court judge, Circuit Judge, District Judge, deputy High Court judge – section 9(4), Authorisation to act as Deputy High Court Judge – section 9(1)

Tribunals (legal): Judge of the Upper Tribunal, Deputy Judge of the Upper Tribunal

Tribunals (non-legal): Fee-paid Medical Members of the First-tier Tribunal, Health, Education and Social Care Chamber (Mental Health)

Every 18 months

Courts: Recorder, Deputy District Judge

Tribunals (legal): Judge of the First-tier Tribunal, Fee-paid Judge of the First-tier Tribunal and Fee-paid Judge of the Employment Tribunal (England and Wales)

Every two years

Courts: District Judge (Magistrates’ Courts), Deputy District Judge (Magistrates’ Courts)

Tribunals (legal): Judge of the Employment Tribunal (England and Wales)

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