Hybrid arrangements/COVID-19

12 May 2023

Since the COVID-19 restrictions ended, the JAC has been operating a hybrid approach to assessment. The implementation of this hybrid approach over a 12 month period has been evaluated by the Commission. The evaluation found that the hybrid approach was effectively delivering the JAC’s recruitment programme through robust and fair assessment, with the increased flexibility being welcomed by candidates. It was agreed that the hybrid arrangements will be ongoing, with key aspects of the approach continuing to include:

  • Across all exercises, all assessment up to selection day is conducted remotely
  • For salaried roles, we run selection days face to face
  • For fee-paid non-legal roles selection days are conducted remotely
  • For most fee-paid legal roles selection days are conducted remotely
  • The information page for each exercise, when launched, sets out how selection activity will be run for that exercise and candidates will be kept up to date about the process throughout the course of their exercise.

The JAC keeps its selection approaches under regular review. Any changes will be carefully considered and clearly communicated to candidates, in good time wherever possible.

We want to make sure that candidates with disabilities and those with long-term health conditions can participate fully and fairly in all JAC recruitment campaigns. So far as it is possible, we will continue to help candidates affected by COVID-19 with alternative arrangements. Please contact the relevant selection exercise team in the first instance, or, if you require reasonable adjustments or are unable to complete any part of our process – for reasons relating to COVID-19, or other.

This information will be updated on a regular basis.

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