Quality Assurance

We use quality assurance checks throughout the selection process to ensure proper procedures are followed, standards are maintained and all stages of recruitment are free from bias.

This includes:

  • ‘equality proofing’ of selection exercises by diversity advisers
  • sampling test papers and panel assessments
  • having a ‘dry run’ to test the materials
  • observing interviews
  • reviewing the progression of candidates through each stage of the process for any possible unfairness

Quality assurance is strengthened by the work of Commissioners who review all aspects of the exercise from start to finish. After each exercise, we discuss lessons learned and provide any advice to our staff about future exercises.


Advisory Group

The Advisory Group is also part of our quality assurance process and includes judges and practitioners from a range of backgrounds. The Group reviews the test and selection materials before they are used and meets every six weeks throughout the year.

The members of the Advisory Group are:

  • Commissioner Jane Furniss (Chair)
  • Commissioner Emir Feisal (Deputy Chair)
  • Sarah Austin, Law Society
  • Rachel Barnes, barrister
  • Mark Bishop, CILEx
  • Frances Eccles, Employment Tribunal
  • Nkumbe Ekaney, Bar Council
  • Tim Gray, District Judge
  • Cathy O’Leary, Circuit Judge
  • Farhana Rahman-Cook, Government-employed Lawyer
  • Angharad Start, Chancery Bar Association
  • Joanna Wade, Employment Tribunal
  • Ralph Wilde, academic
  • Stewart Wright, Upper Tribunal

We also sometimes ask external experts to review our selection processes: Research of shortlisting tools 2018

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